Buying From Us

Choosing the correct parts will save you a lot of time and expense. Here is our guide to help you choose the correct part or accessory for your bike. Some of our parts will be special order items and as such may be non-returnable; this makes it even more important that the correct parts are purchased first time round. Don't forget we offer free worldwide shipping for orders over €150.


Imported vehicles can be extremely difficult to select and purchase parts. The vehicle information is not as readily available as European registered vehicles so we would stress that when ordering parts for an imported vehicle, please ensure the technical information supplied on our website matches the exact specifications of the item you require. Please reach out to us to ask if you are unsure and our parts experts will advise as best we can.


In cases where you are not sure of the part you require, please do not guess. NutJob would never recommend that you purchase parts to try and resolve a problem through trial and error. We are available to guide and advise you through the selection process via live chat & email during the hours of 8:30 to 17:00, Monday to Friday (GMT excluding public holidays). Our contact details can be found here.


We currently list parts for Honda motorcycles, scooters and ATVs only. If you are unsure what model of motorcycle you have, the best way to find out is to double check using any motorcycle sales website. For example; if your motorcycle is registered in 2004 and you are unsure what model your motorcycle is, visit a motorcycle sales website and view one that is 2003, also view one that is 2005. By doing this you should be able to tell which version yours is. If you realise that your motorcycle is the 2005 model, this allows you to confidently select the part that is related to the 2005 model. Again, a simple check like this can save you both time and money.


Most of our parts have measurements included in the description. Those measurements are listed to help you verify that those parts are correct for your motorcycle. Please take careful note of those measurements to ensure you order the correct part for your motorcycle. If you are unsure, please contact our parts experts through online chat or email and we will assist you.

We want to ensure you get the right parts for your motorcycle and have a great NutJob experience every time you need to buy genuine Honda motorcycle parts, so please ensure to lean on us for support on any parts questions, our parts experts will advise and ensure that we recommend the perfect parts for your specific motorcycle model. We are here to help so please ensure you contact us when you have any parts query!

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