Genuine Honda C125K (2019)
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Genuine Honda C125K (2019) HONDA FLUIDS Motorcycle Parts

Honda C125K 2019 Brake Fluid, Chain Lube, Shampoo, Wax & Cleaners

Keep your C125K 2019 in top condition by shopping online today for Genuine Honda motorcycle fluids. Our fluid range below includes Honda C125K brake fluid, chain lube, chain cleaner, bike shampoo and wax, wheel cleaner and helmet and visor cleaner. If you have any questions regarding any of the fluids for your C125K 2019, please contact our Honda motorcycle parts specialists through our online chat support or our contact page

Ref Part No Area Colour Code Description Price (Incl. Vat) Quantity Required
0 08203-999-38HE All No Colour Code Ultra Dot 4 Brake Fluid - 0.5L €36.30 per piece 1
0 08CMC-CLU-400HE All No Colour Code Chain Lube - 400Ml €34.71 per piece 1
0 08CMC-CCL-400HE All No Colour Code Chain Cleaner - 400Ml €27.25 per piece 1
0 08CMC-SHW-001HE All No Colour Code Bike Shampoo & Wax - 1L €34.91 per piece 1
0 08CMC-WCL-750HE All No Colour Code Wheel Cleaner - 750Ml €34.56 per piece 1
0 08CMC-HVC-400HE All No Colour Code Helmet & Visor Cleaner - 400Ml €26.90 per piece 1